Traditional and LED Lighting Fixtures Products

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to create a wonderful and comfortable lighting area. Commercial and industrial lighting fixtures provide energy and cost savings. Order online now.

Shoebox Light for Outdoor Lighting Needs

If you're looking for a high-performance, energy-efficient, and visually appealing lighting solution for your outdoor space, Shoebox Light might be the right fit for you. This versatile area luminaire is available in various lumen packages to meet a wide range of outdoor lighting needs, such as parking lots and campus applications.

LED Shoebox Lighting Fixture 100W 150W 200W 300W 80W

​The best LED shoebox lighting fixtures come in different wattage specifications, including 100W 150W 200W 300W 80W. LED shoeboxes are sleek housing with simple beauty designs that make it easy to coordinate with your surroundings.​

Energy-saving UFO highbay lighting solution

Energy-saving UFO high-bay lighting solutions, designed by our R&D team, boast high efficiency, energy-saving features, and efficient heat dissipation.

Linear highbay with intelligent dimming

The linear highbay with intelligent dimming is a versatile lighting solution that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. It has energy-saving functions such as dimming and power adjustment functions, which can better adapt to different settings and provide users with more convenience.

LED Dimmable Grow Lights Have Available Stock In The USA

Morstar LED Multi-Bar grow light series is a full-spectrum grow light fixture using Samsung + OSRAM LED chips. Compared to HID lamps with lower temperature, PPFD can increase by more than 60%, resulting in higher yields and more than 50% power savings. Our grow light available USA stock to reduce product delivery time.

LED UFO High Bay 900A Series

Based on TuyaAirTunes LED UFO Highbay 900A series high efficiency products up to 145LM/W. The product provides 4 installation options to adapt to different installation conditions.

Commercial Outdoor Aluminum Alloy LED Barn Light

This 176A series LED wall light is made of die-casting aluminum, provides good heat dissipation and shock resistance. Outdoor wall lights to provide 30,000 hrs long-lasting lifespan and quick and easy installation to set your mind at ease. LED wall light uses in building surroundings, doorways, loading and unloading areas, parking lots, building exterior walls, and other places around commercial buildings.

LED UVC Ceiling Panels For Office

Panel light fixture UV-C disinfection,fits for commercial lighting application. Fast opening and closing design,convenient for users to quickly replace the lamp.

26W Bluetooth Controlled Led Troffer Light

Intelligent system controlled led troffer light has a low-key and simple appearance, with a slim body and a smooth linearity. It adopts the popular central basket design to provide soft and glare-free ambient lighting. Combined with the MORLINK intelligent control system, it can simulate changes in daylight color temperature and brightness, and realize functions such as automatic adjustment of the lighting environment or programmed by the system in color temperature and timing setting.

100W LED Shoebox Light With Microwave Motion Sensor

LED Area / Shoebox light 05 series (MA-EPL901E-100W) is perfect for Area Lighting, and good for medium height parking lot poles and new construction applications in industrial outdoor applications, such as parking lots, road ways, seaside areas, outdoor applications.

LED Shoebox Light High Efficiency

The popular ideas LED Shoebox Light are smooth housing and simple beauty design to easy to coordinate the surrounding environment.

300W Intelligent Shoebox Light Fixture

Intelligent shoebox with motion sensor adopts a new installation combined boom, sliding clamp and 180° adjustable steering knuckle, make it more flexible lighting direction to deal with different lighting scenes.
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