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Smart Lighting Fixtures Solutions

MORSTAR offers a broad range of commercial LED lighting solutions to make your retail, office, hospitality, industrial or educational space look and feel great. Our indoor and outdoor commercial lighting helps you conserve energy and save money. Our LED commercial light fixtures use up to 80% less energy than regular commercial lights. MORSTAR also works closely with you at the beginning of your program to identify your best energy efficiency rebate and reimbursement program options.

Office & Education Lighting Solutions

The design of office and educational lighting solutions greatly influences how well the space meets the needs of workers and their organizations. Lighting is a critical element of design that can enhance or degrade the work experience and affect the well-being of workers. In addition to supporting worker performance, lighting may also affect an organization's bottom line by making the best possible use of materials and electricity.

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Warehouse & Industrial Lighting Solutions

Smart LED warehouse and industrial lighting solutions from Morstar make business sense. Morstar understands the lighting needs of warehouse space. Differentiating zones and when light is needed provides a smart lighting solution. By gaining an in-depth understanding of how your industrial warehouse space is being used, we offer bespoke solutions based on our knowledge that will reduce costs and energy consumption while creating optimal lighting conditions for the workforce.

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Auto Dealerships Lighting Solutions

Morstar Lighting has a wealth of automotive dealership solutions. We offer a wealth of practical car dealership cases and design inspiration to provide satisfying answers to your needs.  For example, when planning a car show, you need to reflect on what kind of atmosphere should be created for the customer, whether it is to highlight a warm and secluded atmosphere or to showcase the product's modern and metallic feel. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, we can use different types of lamps, different types of color temperatures, and different solutions to help you achieve that goal.

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Garage & Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Well-designed parking lot lighting can help prevent accidents, deter crime, and make your employees and guests feel more secure while still maintaining an attractive neighborhood environment. Sustainability and safety are enhanced through parking garage lighting control and smart technology.

To help meet the sustainability goals of the Green Energy Program, LED garage lights with motion control and daylight detection sensors can be selected. If the lights need to be on 24 hours a day, but no one is using the area during the set time, their lights will automatically dim to 10%. Once the motion is detected, the light must automatically increase back to 100%.

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Parks & Recreation Lighting Solutions

Parks, sports fields, campuses and recreation areas across the country have experienced first-hand the benefits of LED lighting solutions when it comes to providing safe, generous illumination of outdoor spaces at night. The old inefficient methods of lighting have given way to better and more affordable ways to get better results.

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Hospital & Healthcare Facilities Lighting Solutions

Healthcare lighting for life and health. We know that patient care and satisfaction are paramount. That’s why we help healthcare providers like these provide exceptional experiences at every step ‒ from precision task lighting in labs and clinics, to soft, tunable ambient lighting in visitor areas and patient rooms, and bright, secure lighting outside. Discover the benefits that our lighting solutions for sustainable hospitals and healthcare facilities are able to deliver to these healthcare facilities.

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Landscape Lighting Solutions

Each home has its own distinct story and reason for professional landscape lighting.

Your vision, combined with our years of experience, is what turns our custom landscape lighting designs into memorable experiences. We are equally committed to creating designs that are built to last.

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Lighting Control System Introduction

Quality first is our principle. Our products are certified with one or more of the following designations: UL, CUL, Energy Star, DLC, FCC. We back our products with industry-leading warranties and top-notch customer support. We also achieved qualification and certification for U.S. government projects. Each LED light underwent extensive quality testing to ensure it met our high standards.