Smart Lighting Fixtures Solutions

MORSTAR offers a broad range of commercial LED lighting solutions to make your retail, office, hospitality, industrial or educational space look and feel great. Our indoor and outdoor commercial lighting helps you conserve energy and save money. Our LED commercial light fixtures use up to 80% less energy than regular commercial lights. MORSTAR also works closely with you at the beginning of your program to identify your best energy efficiency rebate and reimbursement program options.

Office & Education Lighting Solutions

The design of office and educational lighting solutions greatly influences how well the space meets the needs of those utilizing the space and their organizations. Lighting is a critical element of design that can enhance or degrade the overall experience and affect the well-being of personnel or students. Besides enhancing individual worker performance, effective lighting can also contribute to improving an organization’s financial outcomes through the optimal utilization of upgraded products and energy-saving smart software and analytics.

Warehouse & Industrial Lighting Solutions

Smart LED warehouse and industrial lighting solutions from Morstar make business sense. Morstar understands the lighting needs of warehouse space. Differentiating zones and when light is needed provides a smart lighting solution. By gaining an in-depth understanding of how your industrial warehouse space is being used, we offer bespoke solutions based on our knowledge that will reduce costs and energy consumption while creating optimal lighting conditions for the workforce.

Auto Dealerships Lighting Solutions

Morstar Lighting offers many automotive dealership solutions. We offer a wealth of practical car dealership cases and design inspiration to provide satisfying answers to your needs. For example, when planning a car showroom, you need to consider what kind of atmosphere should be created for the customer, whether it is to highlight a warm and inviting atmosphere or to showcase the product’s modern and metallic feel. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, we can use different types of lamps, different types of color temperatures, and different solutions to help you achieve that goal.

Garage & Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Thoughtfully designed parking lot lighting serves a multifaceted purpose. It not only contributes to accident prevention and crime deterrence but also enhances the sense of security among both employees and guests, all while preserving the visual appeal of the surrounding neighborhood environment. By incorporating parking garage lighting controls and smart technology, sustainability and safety are further elevated, reinforcing the commitment to creating a safer and more eco-friendly parking facility.

To align with the sustainability objectives of the Green Energy Program, one can opt for LED garage lights equipped with motion control and daylight detection sensors. In scenarios where the lights are required to operate continuously for 24 hours, but the area remains unoccupied during specific times, these lights will intelligently dim to a minimal 10% brightness level. Upon detecting motion, the lights will promptly and automatically increase back to their full 100% illumination level. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also ensures that lighting is optimized based on real-time usage needs.

Parks & Recreation Lighting Solutions

Parks, sports fields, campuses, and recreational areas nationwide have firsthand experience with the advantages of LED lighting solutions, particularly in delivering safe and ample illumination for outdoor spaces during nighttime hours. Outdated and inefficient lighting methods have been replaced by more cost-effective and superior alternatives, yielding improved results.