LED Shoebox Light 400 Series

The smart LED shoebox lights represent a fusion of cutting-edge intelligent control technology with high-performance LED shoebox lights. These lights are designed for use in a variety of settings, including parking lots, driveways, outdoor sports courts (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.), and other commercial and industrial locations that demand high brightness.

Enabled by Bluetooth mesh technology and an intelligent control system, these lights offer a range of features such as energy consumption monitoring, brightness adjustment, schedule management, motion detection, and group control. Users can conveniently operate these functions through a dedicated app or SaaS platform.

Input Voltage

120-277V / 120-347V

Light Output

6,500 lm -39,000 Lumens


50W – 300W


Up to 130 LPW


2700K – 6500K

CRI Options

70/80 CRI

IP Rated

Suitable for wet locations, IP65

Limited Warranty


DLC listed

DLC Premium


0-10V dimming

morstar as the manufacturer of lighting. Also service supplier for lighting desiger, contractor, architectural projects

Professional LED lights manufacturer with over 20-year experiences in the North American market.

Smart LED shoebox lights represent a fusion of cutting-edge intelligent control technology. Full range of wattages with 5 years warranty, IP65. DLC listed

Features and Details

  • High quality drivers 100-277Vac / 120-347Vac /277-480Vac
  • New structure design, more flexible lightingdirection
  • Base on Morlink / Silvair Bluetooth WirelessControl
  • TypeIII ,Type IV ,Type V and flood lens optional
  • IP65, suitable for wet
  • Cast aluminium design, better cooling and easyreplacement
  • Compliant with US and Canada or CEcodes
  • Superior efficacy meets DLC Premium
  • Bluetooth PIR / Microwave motion sensor
  • Zhaga BOOK18 Bluetooth PIR Sensor
    •Bluetooth PIR / Microwave motion sensor
    •Zhaga BOOK18 Bluetooth PIR Sensor
    •Commercial and industrial places with high brightness requirements such as parking lots, lanes, outdoor courts (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.)
    •Operating Temperature -40°F to 113°F (-40°C to +45°C)
  • WARRANTY: 5-year standard warranty

Multi-application platform design, integrating Bluetooth. Zigbee and WiFi wireless general technology can realize equipment group control, equipment monitoring and fault diag­nosis, scene management, and automation, etc.

Users can share lighting equipment by equip­ment category or area on the Morlink Saas platform, and scan the equipment sharing QR code through the Morlink applet for remote control.

Support visual management of equipment, large-scale data analysis, user authorization and allocation, site mapping and configura­tion, and unified management of multiple projects.

Silvair Intelligent Lighting Control System is a wireless lighting control system that uses Bluetooth mesh technology to enable advanced lighting control capa­bilities. Compared to other competitors in the market.

Compatible with more devices including DALI and 0-1 OV interfaces. Can be easily integrated into existing lighting infrastructure without major changes.

More advanced lighting control functions can be integrated with other building automation systems to provide a comprehensive solution for intelligent lighting control.

Friendly interface: Intuitive user interface, can easily control and manage their lighting system and provide configuration and custom­ization services to meet specific user needs.

Highly scalable and can be easily expanded as lighting needs grow. This makes it an ideal solution for both small and large-scale projects.