LED Shoebox Light 501 Series

LED Shoebox Light 501 Series can be combined with a complete family of architecturally sophisticated LED lights, making it a total solution for commercial, municipal, retail, education, and hospitality applications. With the optional visual comfort optic, the Shoebox Light can produce uniform, eye-friendly illumination with minimal glare, thanks to its non-pixelated light source.

Input Voltage


Light Output

11,200 lm – 42,000 Lumens


80W – 300W Tunable


Up to 140 LPW



CRI Options

80 CRI

IP Rated

Suitable for Industrial and commercial applications

Limited Warranty



ETL/cETL; DLC Premium


0-10V dimming

morstar as the manufacturer of lighting. Also service supplier for lighting desiger, contractor, architectural projects

Professional LED lights manufacturer with over 20-year experiences in the North American market.

DLC LED Shoebox light is combined with a family of architecturally LED lights. A total solution for commercial, municipal, education, and hospitality etcs.

Features and Details

1. IP65, Battery back up optional.
2. Extra photocell sensor available.
3. Motion sensor and daylight sensor.
4. Color changeable and power adjustable.
5. Comes with multiple bracket options, 5-year warranty on the entire luminaire.
6. Specialized designed for outdoor parking lot and wide area with super slim design.
7. System luminous efficacy 140 lumens per watt, with lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.
8.Industrial and commercial applications.
For road and area lighting like: tunnels, parking lots, auto dealerships, high masts, apartments,
residential complexes, shopping malls, sporting complexes and fields, educational facilities, streets,roadways, parks, etc.