Garage & Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Thoughtfully designed parking lot lighting serves a multifaceted purpose. It not only contributes to accident prevention and crime deterrence but also enhances the sense of security among both employees and guests, all while preserving the visual appeal of the surrounding neighborhood environment. By incorporating parking garage lighting controls and smart technology, sustainability and safety are further elevated, reinforcing the commitment to creating a safer and more eco-friendly parking facility.

To align with the sustainability objectives of the Green Energy Program, one can opt for LED garage lights equipped with motion control and daylight detection sensors. In scenarios where the lights are required to operate continuously for 24 hours, but the area remains unoccupied during specific times, these lights will intelligently dim to a minimal 10% brightness level. Upon detecting motion, the lights will promptly and automatically increase back to their full 100% illumination level. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also ensures that lighting is optimized based on real-time usage needs.

Smart Lighting System for Parking Facilities

Commercial lighting solutions based on Morlink Smart, a global AI+IoT platform.​

Old Parking Facilities

The lighting tended to be yellow and could cast shadows that created a murky effect throughout the structure. Over-lighting above-ground parking facilities with open exterior sides can create trespassing issues as well as an glare nuisance for adjoining property owners.

After Upgraded

Improved lighting can improve the comfort and safety of drivers and pedestrians. The application of anti-glare smart LED fixtures makes the light softer and less harsh.


Energy Visualization

Achieving energy visualization through energy data enables real-time monitoring of lighting energy consumption. This data-driven approach allows for continuous vigilance and analysis, leading to the formulation of energy-saving strategies. By implementing coordinated strategies, a dynamic equilibrium can be attained that optimizes both comfort and energy conservation in the lighting system.

Unified management of lighting system

Transform the existing scenario where equipment management lacks uniformity and streamline the process by centralizing control through a single client. This client facilitates a comprehensive range of control strategies, including monitoring, control, grouping, status management, energy consumption visualization, and more, for all lighting equipment, thereby enhancing efficiency and cohesion in the management of the lighting infrastructure.

Failure Supervision

The system conducts statistical analysis of equipment operational status, providing real-time fault alarms for any malfunctioning equipment. This proactive approach ensures that building operations and maintenance are carried out with greater accuracy and timeliness, helping to swiftly address issues and maintain smooth facility performance.

Comfortable Light Environment

By offering diverse lighting scenes and enabling human-centric lighting control, this approach adds fresh value to illumination and cultivates a more comfortable and health-oriented lighting environment within buildings, enhancing the overall lighting experience.