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Simulated Bluesky

Artificial light sources are the replacement of sunlight. The pursuit of luminous efficiency has always been the mainstream of the development of artificial light source technology. The proportion of spectral components and sunlight often have a large difference, which has a positive and negative impact on human health. In recent years, semiconductor lighting has been widely used due to energy saving and environmental protection. However, at present, LED white light sources are mostly mixed white light of yellow phosphor excited by blue light, and there is a possibility of "blue light hazard".
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Morstar Inc Hot Products
efficient UVC germicidal led troffer light UVC Germicidal LED Troffer Light

UVC LED germicidal troffer light does not need to be converted into visible light, and the wavelength of 253.7nm can play a good sterilization effect. This is because cells have a law of absorption spectrum of light waves.

Power Adjustable Quantum Panel Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Quantum Panel Grow Light

They are popular design quantum panel grow light product code are MA-HGR501B -110W. It is simple structure design and excellent products performance for plants grow up very well. Application: Indoor plants factory, enclosed space, indoor garden, indoor planting base, any plant and indoor plants.

Tuya System UFO High bay light LED UFO High Bay 900A Series

Based on TuyaAirTunes LED UFO Highbay 900A series high efficiency products up to 145LM/W. The product provides 4 installation options to adapt to different installation conditions.

20W outdoor wall pack lights Intelligent Outdoor Wall Pack Light

It is a safety isolated driver classic wall pack, 120-277VAC/120-347VAC, making sure have more optional for different countries and applications. Due to the power supply and the optical part are separated, the thermal performance is pretty good.

 Intelligent LED tri proof light Intelligent LED Tri-proof Light 80W

Morstar 4 Tube LED vapor tight is used for indoor and outdoor applications. If you are looking for reliable lighting fixtures for environments exposed to moisture, dirt and other elements, you need to consider our products

High bay with intelligent lighting system 150W Smart LED UFO High Bay Light

Thanks to the one-piece die-cast aluminum housing, smart industrial UFO high bay light has good heat dissipation, greatly reducing maintenance costs and increasing the life of the lamp. 150LM/W with multiple accessaries to meet the customers' preference. Low UGR (

wall pack with intelligent system 60W Smart LED Wall Pack Light

This Bluetooth Controled Led Wall Pack can realize the functions as 0-10V dimming, field installable Photocell, motion sensor power adjustable and CCT selectable by DIP switch and so on. The power supply and the optical part are separated.  They do not interfere with each other. So the thermal performance is pretty good, more reliable and longer lifetime.

18W Steril-Air-UVC Downlight 18W Indoor Downpuri UVC Downlight

This 18W indoor UV-C disinfection downlight adopts the centrifugal fan inside the device,the indoor air convection effect will be quickly formed,improving disinfection efficiency.The downlight equipped with LED lighting system, down-purification lighting can be operated at the same time.The ultraviolet light is completely enclosed inside the product realizing the coexistence of human and machine.

Panel light with UVC tube 90W UVC Purification Panel Light

The 90W UVC purification panel light is safer than the traditional types. If someone enter the room unintentionally while the UV lamps are active, the lamps will be turned off automatically while the door opens. L32 control system work with the sensors together will provide you more safety.

UVC ceiling fixture tube light UVC Ceiling Fixture Tube Light 40W

Morstar 4FT LED UVC tube light adopts double-ended power supply, simple and energy-saving, ballast bypass (direct line) installation. Compatible with existing T8, T10 and T12 fluorescent lamps, making LED conversion easier than ever.

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MORSTAR offers a broad solution of commercial LED lighting to make your retail, hospitality, industrial, or educational space look and feel great. Our indoor and outdoor commercial lighting helps you conserve energy and save money. Our LED commercial light fixtures use up to 80% less energy than traditional commercial lights. MORSTAR also works closely with you in the beginning phases of your project to identify your best energy-efficient rebate and reimbursement program options. MORSTAR understands how important it is to choose the right light products for your project’s unique needs. The lighting experts at MORSTAR work with you every step of the way, from design consultation to rebate management to post-installation follow-ups. We always consider your specific project when making product recommendations. Instead of managing multiple vendors for your commercial lighting fixtures, save time and money from start to finish with MORSTAR.
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Intelligent Lighting

Why have you chosen to use Bluetooth mesh technology? Bluetooth mesh redefines what's possible in wireless lighting control. It is the first low-power communication standard that solves the three pain points of connected lighting systems: reliability, scalability, and simplicity. Wireless lighting control is an extremely challenging environment for radio technologies. More complex installations include hundreds or even thousands of nodes. Energy-efficient lighting control strategies require a constant exchange of data between luminaires and occupancy light sensors. As a result, we are facing significant network traffic that must be handled by a low-throughput technology. At the same time, there is a need for instant responsiveness and fully synchronous operation - because this is how traditional wired systems have always worked. Bluetooth mesh has a long list of unique features that allow us to meet these requirements. The most important ones include high data rate, small packet size, information-centric architecture, and concurrent multicast. On the end-user side, having Bluetooth radio in all smartphones is a huge advantage. You don't need a gateway or any other hardware to set up or manage such a network. Everything you need is already in your pocket.
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Since 1999, Morstar has been a manufacturer of quality lighting

Morstar Inc

Morstar Inc

Quality first is our principle. Our products are certified with one or more of the following designations: UL, CUL, Energy Star, DLC, FCC. We back our products with industry-leading warranties and paramount customer support. We also have achieved qualification and certification for U.S. government projects. Each LED light undergoes extensive quality testing to ensure it meets our high standards. To ensure strict quality control, we inspect and test all products in our own lab for operating parameters, operating temperature, environmental considerations, color temperature, and more. We also have solutions. We have implemented one of the world’s leading lighting design software programs for planning, calculating, and visualizing indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects. This software allows us to assist you in planning your lighting project with precision. This gives you piece of mind and no surprises. Outstanding Technical Expertise, A Strong Partner Since 1999, Morstar has been a manufacturer of quality lighting and dedicated to providing certified energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial use. Our headquarters is located in Livonia, Michigan. We have LED Lighting distribution warehouses in California, Texas and Michigan. Our multiple U.S. distribution centers make ordering and delivering reliable and efficient with abundant stock and established shipping channels. We have direct access to the manufacturing process to insure optimum product design, customization, and reliability. This makes us a leader in distribution and quality control. Morstar is committed to true innovation by employing the state-of-the-art design and engineering technologies that meets or exceeds international standards of design, quality, performance, and energy efficiency. We have earned the respect of engineers, designers, lighting distributors, architects, project owners and related professionals worldwide. Join us on the path of innovation and brilliance! Excellent Technology and Unprecedented Professional Ability Global VS Local Follow up your actual needs and provide you with various solutions and services Complete Solution  Provider Product development, consulting and after-sales service Technical Expertise Professional team of experts to create personalized lighting solutions for you Innovation Expected level of innovation, industry-leading innovative lighting Mission Lead Carrying the Truth with Service: Revering Nature, Caring for Design Carrying the Truth with Products: A Beacon to Accompany a Lifetime Core Values: Sincerity, Gratitude, Innovation, Growth Need more information? For more information, such as a local representative or product literature, please contact us .
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