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Linear highbay with intelligent dimming

The linear highbay with intelligent dimming is a versatile lighting solution that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. It has energy-saving functions such as dimming and power adjustment functions, which can better adapt to different settings and provide users with more convenience.

Energy-saving UFO highbay lighting solution

Energy-saving UFO high-bay lighting solutions, designed by our R&D team, boast high efficiency, energy-saving features, and efficient heat dissipation.

Best UFO Highbay lights for industrial lighting

Best UFO Highbay lights for industrial lighting is designed by our sophisticated R&D team featuring high-efficiency, energy-saving and efficient heat-dissipation.

Intelligent LED Linear High Bay D Series

The LED linear high bay light(D series) is an ideal choice for high performance,long-life replacement of HID and linear fluorescent high bay lights.

High Lumen Dimmable And Slim LED UFO High Bay Light

Our economical UFO high bay provides a simple but ideal solution for commercial/ industrial application. Its low-profile height allows for efficient packaging, as well as accommodates applications where low wattage fixture is undesirable.

UFO High Bay With Microwave Sensor

150W UFO high bay LED light is designed for various installation heights and customer applications. The traditional circular appearance and compact design make it easy to install and meet the needs of contractors. It also provides CCT4000/5000/7500 dimmable, thus providing design flexibility.
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