LED UFO High Bay Light 3101 Series

LED UFO High Bay Light 3101 series provides high efficiency up to 150 LM/W. The fixture has 4 installation options to adapt to different installation conditions. The one-piece die-cast aluminum shell is adopted to ensure the quality while also exerting good heat dissipation. Through Bluetooth meshed technology and intelligent control system, CCT / brightness adjustment, schedule management, motion detection and group control can be operated on App or SaaS.

Input Voltage

100-277V / 120-347V

Light Output

14,500 lm – 43,500 Lumens


100W – 300W


Up to 145 LPW


2700K – 6500K

CRI Options

80 CRI

IP Rated

Suitable for wet locations, IP65

Limited Warranty


DLC listed

DLC Premium


0-10V dimming

morstar as the manufacturer of lighting. Also service supplier for lighting desiger, contractor, architectural projects

A Professional LED lights manufacturer with over 20-year experiences in the North American market.

The LED UFO high bay light covers 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W turnable watts with motion sensor, over 140lm/W. IP65, DLC premium, 5-year warranty for projects

Features and Details about LED UFO High Bay Light 3101 Series

• High quality drivers 100-277Vac / 120-347Vac available
• Fins design,advective holes and grooves in each fin,good for
heat dissipation
• Base on Morlink / Silvair Bluetooth Wireless Control
• Professioal light distribution technique,high light reflectivity reflectors
• The lens pass rate is over 90%
• Compliant with US and Canada or CE codes
• Light weight and small size,save about half shipping costs.
• Widely applicated in warehouses, factory, exhibition room, gas Station, supermarket as well as High Bay and Low Bay applications
• Operating Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)

Match Option: MORSTAR Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting Control System Canopy Light

Multi-application platform design, integrating Bluetooth. Zigbee and WiFi wireless general technology can realize equipment group control, equipment monitoring and fault diag­nosis, scene management, and automation, etc.

Users can share lighting equipment by equip­ment category or area on the Morlink Saas platform, and scan the equipment sharing QR code through the Morlink applet for remote control.

Support visual management of equipment, large-scale data analysis, user authorization and allocation, site mapping and configura­tion, and unified management of multiple projects.

Silvair Intelligent Lighting Control System is a wireless lighting control system that uses Bluetooth mesh technology to enable advanced lighting control capa­bilities. Compared to other competitors in the market.

Compatible with more devices including DALI and 0-1 OV interfaces. Can be easily integrated into existing lighting infrastructure without major changes.

More advanced lighting control functions can be integrated with other building automation systems to provide a comprehensive solution for intelligent lighting control.

Friendly interface: Intuitive user interface, can easily control and manage their lighting system and provide configuration and custom­ization services to meet specific user needs.

Highly scalable and can be easily expanded as lighting needs grow. This makes it an ideal solution for both small and large-scale projects.