UVC Germicidal Troffer light

They are a popular multi functional LED troffer light for each company, which support disinfect and health environment to each employees. Application: Office, workshop, stores, supermarket, enclosed space, indoor enclosed place and washroom.
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Air Purification UVC Germicidal Troffer Light 135W

The UVC germicidal troffer light source is in a light-enclosed space. Irradiate the accelerated airflow to eliminate the viruses and bacteria. Therefore, This allows for the disinfection of the air in an enclosed space, while ensuring that day to day business activities can continue underneath that area while the device is active. The disinfect UVC enclosed light are using to enclosed workplace environment. 

Special Air circulation system accelerate the airflow to improve the efficiency of eliminating the viruses. Designed with HEPA and Active filters can effectively filter and clean the air. The air circulation system UVC office light will creat health and air fresh enviroment to each stuffs.

For replaceable filters and UVC tubes active carbon, the HEPA will filterthe particlesto make sure the light enclosed space is clean, which canfilter 99.79% of particles >0.3 microns. The human care design virus killer troffer light will be popular in each company.

Product Features

135W Germ killer troffer toilet light

CCT color adjustable troffer light

White troffer LED light 135W

LED display Sterilize commercial light

Replacement UVC Tube indoor light

Effectively disinfect virus working light

square size UVC LED Sterilize light

LED Sterilize UVC bathroom light

Reduce Delivery cost UVC house light

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