UVC Germicidal LED Troffer Light

UVC LED germicidal troffer light does not need to be converted into visible light, and the wavelength of 253.7nm can play a good sterilization effect. This is because cells have a law of absorption spectrum of light waves.

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UVC Germicidal Led Troffer Light

Indoor high efficient LED troffer light

Ultraviolet rays from 250 to 270nm have the maximum absorption, and the absorbed ultraviolet rays actually act on the genetic material of the cell, which is DNA.

Color temperature adjustable germicidal light can plays a kind of actinic effect. The energy of ultraviolet photons is absorbed by base pairs in DNA, causing genetic material to mutate, causing bacteria to die immediately or unable to reproduce offspring to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Therefore, in the indoor scene 135W UVC Germicidal Troffer Light has become an inevitable choice.

Morstar is a trusted,global company with a keen insight into the market. We konw lighting and provide products with excellent quality, reliability and functionality.

Features of 135W UVC Germicidal Troffer Light 

1. Enclosed UVC light source

2. Air circulation system with filter

3. LED color temperature adjustable

4. LED birghtness adjustness

5. Replaceable filters and tubes

6. CertificationULFCFDACEEPARoHS

7. Remote control option Infrared Control

8. Embeded into the ceiling

Specifiction of Indoor uvc led germicidal lamp

1.Device Parameters

power(w) 135W
voltage(v) 100-277V
lumen(lm) 4700(5000K)/4800(4000K)/4500(3000K)
color temperature(K) 3000K/4000K/5000K
storage temperature(℃) -20-40℃
installation height(M) ≥2.1M
Remote Control Type infanted Control
Dimension(mm) 595*595*142.8mm/603*603*142.8mm
Work Temperature(℃) -10+45℃
Working Environment Humidity(RH) ≤60%
Remote control detection angel 120°
installation Options Embedded

2.LED Parameters

Power(W) lumen(lm) CCT(K)
50W ≥4500 3000K/4000K/5000K
PF CRI(Ra) Light Effect(Lm/W)
≥0.9 ≥80 ≥90

3.UVC Parameters

Power(W) UV Outpput(uW/cm2) Work Temperature length(mm)
50W 165 Max:60℃ Min:-40℃ 530
Diameter(mm) lifespan(H) Storage Temperature(℃)
17 7000 Max:80℃ Min:-40℃

Installation of Color temperature adjustable germicidal light

     installation of UVC Germicidal Troffer Light


Package dimensions (mm) NW/Device (kg) GW/Device (kg)
(x0.0393=inch) (lbs=kgx2.2) (lbs=kgx2.2)
643x643x178mm 10kg ±200g 11kg±200g
GW/Carton (kg) Carton Size(mm) Quantity / Carton
(lbs=kgx2.2) (x0.0393=inch)
23kg±200g 658x658x373mm 2PCS

Package of germicidal LED troffer light

Certificates of office UVC LED germicidal light 135W

Efficient LED ultraviolet sterilization troffer light

Application of UVC Germicidal Troffer Light



-the mall



-public area

-Auto show

Indoor LED UVC troffer light 50WHigh efficient LED ceiling light


1. What`s the warranty of the lamp?

- For UL/DLC items we provide 5 years warrantly, others are 2 years warrantly.

2. What about the lead time?

-Samples can be delivered in about 1 week, and bulk orders will take about 2 to 3 weeks.

3. What about the quality?

- Select high quality materials.

- 48 hours aging test to end defective products.

- Quality control testing before shipping.

- Good package to insure safety.

4. Where are your main markets?

- North American and Latin American.

5. Can you design new model?

- Yes, we can open new mould according to your drawings and produce.

6. What is the effect of your germicidal lamp

-Tests have shown that the effective elimination rate of E. coli reaches 99.9%.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply to you as soon as possible.