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PIR Motion Occupancy Sensor

Morstar motion body detection sensors can be installed in commercial lighting fixtures and provide Multi-level control solutions based on motion and/or daylight harvesting.

24V Occupancy Sensor Smart Control Accessories

Morstar Low Voltage Microwave Motion Sensor that dims lighting from high to low based on motion. This slim sensor is designed to fit inside the bottom of the luminaire body.

Smart Dimmers For Wireless Networked Fixture

This smart lighting accessory is a well-designed portable smart dimmer suitable for airports, factories, hotels, gyms and other places.

Dimming Controller For Llight Fixture

This product is designed for bulkhead lamp, cast light and other lighting intelligent dimmer controller, using Zhaga BOOK18 standard interface specification, compact shape, can be free of wiring, very convenient, fast installation on the lamp, shorten the assembly time, skillfully separated the lamp and control module.
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