Office & Education Lighting Solutions

The design of office and educational lighting solutions greatly influences how well the space meets the needs of workers and their organizations. Lighting is a critical element of design that can enhance or degrade the work experience and affect the well-being of workers. In addition to supporting worker performance, lighting may also affect an organization's bottom line by making the best possible use of materials and electricity.

Office Lighting Challenges and Opportunities

With the continuous development of our working environment, our lighting requirements and expectations are also constantly improving. Today’s focus is on energy efficiency, flexibility, personal control, and the promotion of human health and well-being

What are the needs of office lighting? ? ?

1. Comfort and health of the working environment

2. The joy of work mood and work efficiency

3. Improve LED energy saving and use efficiency

Health Strategy

Light balance between natural and artificial lighting

Highlights of Intelligent Control Technology

Heating and Cooling Regulation

Cold light illuminates daily living, warm light creates a romantic atmosphere, and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration.

Sensing Delay

As I like, the delay is optional, adapt to any habit and scene.

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes, one-click to switch the mood lighting scenes that move according to your heart.

Sensor Mode

Manual mode and induction mode can be switched at will to meet the needs of different usage scenarios.

Motion Detection

The three-speed sensing distance can be adjusted, and the sensing sensitivity can be adjusted conveniently.

Brightness Detection

Five gears can be set throughout the day, and settings can trigger the environment as you like.

Intelligent Linkage

One light induction, global trigger, multiple linkages. Synchronous trigger can be achieved.

No Network Guarantee

Ignore the network environment, sense the trigger, and ensure the user experience.

Sensing Record

View the sensor history with one key, and it is clear at a glance whether someone or no one triggers the time node.

Related Products

LED UVC Ceiling Panels For Office

Panel light fixture UV-C disinfection,fits for commercial lighting application. Fast opening and closing design,convenient for users to quickly replace the lamp.

Smart LED Panel Lighting with Wireless Control 2x2 2x4 1x4

It's easy to add some ambience to your home with panel lights. You can easily adjust the mood of different scenes in your home according to the occasion using the remote or smartphone app. Smart LED ceiling light panels illuminate or dim walls to create ambience.

Smart Bluetooth Control Office Troffer Lighting 2x4 1x4 2x2

Morstar LED intelligent control embedded troffer with Mor-link system can automatically switch CCT scenes, bringing a better and healthier lighting experience.Today’s focus is on energy efficiency, flexibility, personal control, and the promotion of human health and well-being.

Indoor LED Center Lens Troffer Light

Indoor LED Center Lens Troffer Light combines the architectural appeal of a central lens with the convenience of an embedded grooved housing, matte white paint and frosted acrylic lenses, to achieve energy saving, visual comfort and beauty in an incredible way.

90W UVC Purification Panel Light

The 90W UVC purification panel light is safer than the traditional types. If someone enter the room unintentionally while the UV lamps are active, the lamps will be turned off automatically while the door opens. L32 control system work with the sensors together will provide you more safety.


Morstar Sunlight for Customer


Morstar Sunlight for Customer

Office and Education Lighting Solutions


Office and Education Lighting Solutions

Industrial Lighting Solutions


Industrial Lighting Solutions