New Design UV Sterilizing Tube light

Morstar self-ballasted UVC lamps use C-type ultraviolet (UV-C) to effectively kill all viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and yeasts in the air. Its suitable for homes, clinics, shops, restaurants, etc.

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Product Name: New Design UV Sterilizing Tube light

The 254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp provides a high-ultraviolet output and long-life amalgam germicidal lamp. The UVC radiation output of the Morstar tube is 3 times that of the standard low-pressure ultraviolet lamp.Special coatings are printed on the inside of the tube, and it can still maintain more than 85% of the UV output after 12,000 hours of operation.

UV Sterilizing Tube light detail
UV Tube light wave length


Model No. Voltage
Wave Length
Radiation Intensity
(1000mm from the tube surface)
UV maintenance
MA-HUT201A-20W 100-120V 50/60Hz 20W 254nm ≥110uw/cm2 ≥75%
MA-HUT202A-20W 220-240V 50/60Hz
MA-HUT203A-30W 100-120V 50/60Hz 30W 254nm ≥165uw/cm2 ≥75%
MA-HUT204A-30W 220-240V 50/60Hz
MA-HUT205A-40W 100-120V 50/60Hz 40W 254nm ≥220uw/cm2 ≥75%
MA-HUT206A-40W 220-240V 50/60Hz
Operating Current Operating Temp Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Lamps Base Rated Lamp Life(Hours)
360nm 0~35℃ 35 589 G13 6000
380nm 0~35℃ 35 894 G13 6000
420nm 0~35℃ 35 1198 G13 6000


1. Intelligent desing: Before the light starting, the tube will have a 10s warning beep sound. If there is any movement detected, the light won't turn on 
This is to make sure there are no people in the disinfection area. People are safe and well protected. 

2. Design of intelligent sensor: When the light is on, the light will be turned off immediately if unexpected entry detected. It won't hurt people and is safe to use 

Motion Sensor UV Tube light

Auto switch UV Tube light
detection area light distance


Field-adjustable tube pin 

Adjustable Pin Position UV Light Tube

0 degree Rotation UV Light Tube
Disinfection Area UVC Light Tube
Ceiling Surface Mounting UV light


Higher UVC irradiation: U18, by using mirror aluminum as reflector, its UVGl(Ultra iolet Germicidal Irradia tion) intensity is two times of the regular UVC tube light in the market 

Higher UVC Irradiation light

With specified micorarea, thus aluminum, the the efficiency UVC of light will disinfection be is averagely higher a reflected lot 
Regular UVC tube, the light is lack of directivity, the directional disinfection is slow, thus efficiency is low 

Self-ballast: The bu ilt-driver makes the UVC lube light more convenient to be installed in the existing fixtures. No need to bu y new fixtures or new drivers 

Self-ballast UVC Light Tube
Wiring UVC tube light


kitchen UV Sterilizing Tube light
Office UVC Tube light Fixture
Hospital UVC Tube light



Model No. 
lnner box size (mm)
N.W per lamp (kg)
G.W per lamp (kg)
G.W per Carton (kg)
Carton size (mm)
Quantity per carton 
MA-HUT201A-20W 610x37x37mm  0.29Kg 0.36Kg 8.50Kg 625x200x168mm 20PCS 
MA-HUT203A-30W 915x37x37mm  0.39Kg 0.50Kg 12.0Kg 930x200x168mm 20PCS 
MA-HUT205A-40W 1220x37x37mm  0.50Kg 0.65Kg 15.0Kg 1235x200x168mm 20PCS 

1. What`s the warranty of the lamp?
- For UL/DLC items we provide 5 years warrantly, others have a 2 years warrantly.
2.Can I have a sample order for led light?
-Yes, we welcome sample order for led light to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
3. What about the lead time?
--Samples can be delivered in about 1 week, and bulk orders will take about 2 to 3 weeks.
4. What about the quality?
- Select high quality materials.
- 48 hours aging test to end defective products.
- Quality control testing before shipping.
- Good package to insure safety.
5. Where are your main markets?
- North American and Latin American.And we have LED lighting distribution warehouses in  California,Texas and Michigan
6. Can you design new model?
- Yes, we can open new mould according to your drawings and produce.
7.Any suggestion? Please contact us.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.