LED Solar Garden Light IP65

As a patented private mold product, MS-SEGL1001D-50W Garden Light independently developed by the company. with high-end atmosphere, beautiful structure and superior performance, it has a good market prospect.

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50W  patented Solar Garden Light

1.Character of product

With high-purity aluminum and IP65 protection grade, this 50W-150W LED Solar Garden Light for Outdoor has strong and durable structure and good heat dissipation, and effectively prolongs the service life of the lamp, featuring with easy install and maintain.  

2.Light source characteristics

Adopt domestic famous brand SMD-2835 light source, which has high brightness, small light attenuation and longer service life.

3. Power supply characteristics

Adopt high-stability isolated constant current power supply scheme,  this solar courtyard light has the characteristics of over-temperature protection, wide voltage range, high power factor, high efficiency and good heat dissipation effect.

4. Heat sink feature

This solar garden luminaire adopt high-purity aluminum radiator with high thermal conductivity. The radiator is specially designed, taking aerodynamics and hydromechanics into full consideration, maximizing the heat dissipation area and the efficiency of heat exchange with cold and hot air, so that the heat generated by the light source can be efficiently emitted and the reasonable temperature can be maintained, thus ensuring the stability of the product function and prolonging its service life.

5.Installs Way

Adopt lamp pole installation.

6. product application

This product is widely used for road lighting on one side or both sides of public places such as slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors, etc.

Main parameters

Product series: AX-TYD-WX-150W

Input voltage: AC 100-265V~50/60Hz

Power: 150W±5%

Light effect: 110-120 lm/W

Luminous flux: 16500-18000 lm

Light emitting diode: 300pcs*SMD2835

Color temperature: 6000k/4000k/3000k

Color rendering index: Ra>70

Color tolerance adjustment: ≤10SDCM

Power factor: ≥0.95

THD: ≤15%

Efficiency: ≥88%

Working temperature: -25℃— +40℃

Service life: 30000 H

IK/IP protection level: IK08/IP65

Insulation grade: Class I

Surge protection: 4KV

Installs Way: Lamp pole installation

External dimensions: Φ466.6mm*565.1mm

Light sensing version size: Φ466.6mm*620.4mm

Net weight: 5.66 kg

Gross weight: 7.03 kg

Size of Carton: 520mm*600mm*135mm

Figure and size of Lamp body

Figure and size of garden Lamp body

Direction for using

  • The working voltage of the product is AC100V-265V 50/60Hz. Do not exceed the working voltage range.
  • The glass of lights and lanterns is a fragile accessory. Please handle it with care when handling and storing, and do not put it under heavy pressure.
  • Please install and use the products according to the instructions of this specification, and the installation height can be adjusted according to the specific use scenarios and needs.
  • Users can choose the regular version or the light sensor version according to the actual needs. The light sensor and lamps are designed separately, which is simple, convenient and plug and play.

Installation instructions

  • When installing lamps and lanterns, the wiring must be tightly sealed to prevent the risk of leakage and short circuit of water. Do not electrify during wiring..
  • When external power lines are connected, corresponding waterproof and leakage prevention measures must be taken.
  • It shall not violate any fire regulations when used the lamp.
  • Please find professional electrician for installation. The cable should be 0.75-1mm 2 three-core cable ,the brown wire is" L" wire, the blue wire is "N"wire, and the yellow-green wire is the"PE".

Installation instructions of solar garden light

Thermal imagery

Thermal imagery of solar garden light

Packing information

Product Series


Size of Carton  


Packing quantity

 1 pcs/carton

Net weight

 5.66 kg

Gross weight

7.03 kg

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