The LED linear high bay light(D series) is an ideal choice for high performance,long-life replacement of HID and linear fluorescent high bay lights.
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The led linear high bay light is an ideal choice for high-performance,long-life replacement of HID and linear fluorescent high bay lights.Various color temperatures and light uniformity will ensure comfortable and safe conditions, thereby maximizing the productivity of warehouses, large shops and stadiums, and other industrial and commercial venues. The use of special structure and thermoelectric separation technology can increase the efficiency of the lamp to 135lm/W and help extend the service life.Bluetooth microwave motion sensors can be installed and combined with Morlink wireless lighting control system to achieve intelligent linear high bay lighting control.


• Input voltage: 120V-277V,120V-347V
• Power factor:> 0.9,THD: <20%
• 1-10V dimming standard,Flicker-free
• Samsung Led chip lifetime: L70 > 100,000 hours,CRI> 80
• Environmental working temperature: -20°C / -4°F to 50°C /122°F
• UL certification 1598: suitable for dry and humid places
• 4000K / 5000K/5700 provides crisp and invigorating lighting resembling
daylight for warehouses, stadiums, and industries, etc.
• V-hook and chain mounting accessories included


• 22 gauge durable steel housing
• Has high impact frosted white acrylic lens
• White polyester powder coat finish

• Warehouses
• Retail

• High Bay and Low Bay applications

7-year standard warranty with labor allowance* (further detailsavailable at www.morstar.com/warranties)
*Warranty Limitations: Product must be rated for the application
per the Product Data Sheet (PDS); operated <16 hrs; in ambient of

-4°F to 122°F.

Sample Order:MA-HLB1D-80W-H-50K


LHB1D-80W LHB1D-110W LHB2D-165W LHB3D-220W LHB5D-225W LHB5D-300W
GENERAL PERFORMANCE  Power Consumption 80W 110W 165W 220W 225W 300W
Equivalent Wattage 175W HID 250W HID 400W HID 750W HID 750W HID 1000W HID
Lumens Delivered 10800 lm 14850 lm 22275 lm 29700 lm 30375 lm 40500 lm
Efficacy 135m/W
CRI >80
Color Temperature 4000K / 5000K / 5700K
L70 Lumen maintenance ≥50000H
ELECTRICAL Power Factor >0.9
Input Voltage 120-277V,120-347V
Dimming 1-10v Dimming Range:10%-100%
Surge protection Surge protection: 4KV line-line, 6KV line-earth
PHYSICAL Mounting Suspending,Pole Pandent,Surface mounted
Operating Temperature -4°F~122°F
Humidity 20% to 80% RH non-condensing
QUALIFICATION Qualifications UL Listed, DLC Premium
Material Usage RoHS compliant; no mercury
Environment Indoor / Wet
Warranty 7 Years



Morlink® Wireless Controls:
Although wireless control has been developed by leaps and bounds, there are still various problems in actual use. Some networks want simple solutions that reduce energy consumption and meet code compliance while others are more ambitious, looking to capitalize on the LED and controls savings to fund a scalable, enterprise-grade, internet of things solution.  The advantage of the Morlink® wireless platform is that it can be integrated into indoor, outdoor, and high-bay environments. Morlink® wireless control provides the infrastructure to make your building face the future, easily upgrade to a networked solution, and provide the ability to integrate into an IoT solution suitable for your business.

• Morlink® Lite: Local area wireless controls
• Morlink® Home: Wireless lighting controls based on smart home
• Morlink® Pro: Networked Lighting Controls for Smart Building & IoT Enablement.
For intelligent control products, Moshida provides two solutions:
1. Purchase a Morlink controller to transform your existing product
2. You can also directly purchase the whole lamp integrated with Morlink® wireless controller. Since the sensor  has been embedded in the lamp, the labor cost for installation can be greatly reduced.

Main Functions of Morlink Commercial Lighting Solution:

Energy Management
• Create actions and scenes that can be automatically 
   executed to implement energy-saving strategies.
• Link single devices or group actions with sensors, 
   schedules, sunrise and sunset times, weather condi
   tions, etc.
• View, compare and analyze the power consumption   
   of devices and groups by day, month or year.

Device Control
• View and control devices from a map of the lighting 
• Monitor device conditions including, status, operation 
   time, energy consumption and life expectancy.
• Automatic alarms when devices change to “abnormal 
   status” and notification to maintenance team.

Human Centric Lighting

• Easily configure groups of light fixtures to sync with circadian rhythm protocols. The system will automatically adjust the CCT and brightness of the fixtures throughout the day.


ACCESSORIES (For APP Smart Fixture):

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