Intelligent Lighting Fixture LED UFO Highbay

Convenience, energy saving, safety and security are the biggest advantages of intelligent control products. Morstar has launched a series of intelligent control lamps for indoor and outdoor application scenarios based on the Tuya intelligent control system.
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Morstar LED UFO highbay intelligent light system has a lighting efficiency of 145lm/w, which can be widely used in warehouses, gymnasiums and production and assembly areas. The 4kv surge protection and the high-strength heat dissipation shell also provide safety guarantee under the premise of ensuring high efficiency. Cooperate with morstar lighting control system to realize individual control of lamps or group control of lamps in the scene.

Lighting controls are devices and systems that support visual needs and energy management. On the network, each control point has its own unique address, which can be assigned to control strategies and schedules individually or in groups.

Morstar is a trusted,global company with a keen insight into the market. We konw lighting and provide products with excellent quality, reliability and functionality.


• Input voltage: 120V-277V,AC120V-347V available

• Power factor:> 0.95,THD: <20%

• 0-10V dimming standard,Flicker-free

• Lifetime: L70 > 100,000 hours,CRI>:Ra>70

• Environmental working temperature: -22°F to 104°F(-30°to +40°)

• Stronger housing with good heat dissipation

•4 kinds of mounting available:Ceiling with loop /Ceiling with hook /Wall mounting/ Pandent mounting


GENERAL PERFORMANCE  Power Consumption 240W
Replaces PSMH 500W
Lumens Delivered 34800Lm
Efficacy 145LM/W(±10%)
CRI Ra>70
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
Beam Angle 85°
L80 Lumen maintenance >70000Hrs (Ta=30°C@L80)
ELECTRICAL Power Factor ≥0.95
Input Voltage 100-277VAC/120-347VAC
Dimming 0-10v Dimming Range:0%-100%
Surge protection 4KV line-line, 6KV line-earth
PHYSICAL Mounting Ceiling with loop/ Ceiling with hook/ Wall mounting/ Pandent mounting
Operating Temperature -22°F to 104°F (-30°C to + 40°C)
Humidity 20% to 80% RH non-condensing
QUALIFICATION Qualifications UL/cUL, DLC 5.1Premium
Material Usage RoHS compliant; no mercury
Environment Indoor / Wet, IP65
Warranty 5 Years


*Ceiling with Loop

1. Fix the luminaire with a chain to the ceiling;

2. Use the buckles to fifix safety rope with the body and loop;

3. Connect the wires.

*Pendant Mounting

1. Fix the luminaire with bar and tighten the pole with an anti-skid screw;

2. Use the buckles to fix the safety rope with the lampbody and ceiling;

3. Connect the wires


*Ceiling with Hook

1. Unscrew the hook, fix the luminaire to the installation holders and screw the hook tightly;

2. Use the buckles to fix the safety rope with the body and hook;

3. Connect the wires.


*Wall Mounting

1. Trepan the installation holes as the size of the following figure;

2. Use M 10 screws to tighten the luminaire. The holder can be adjusted from 60D to 120D;

3. Use the buckles to fix the safety rope with the body and loop;

4. Connect the wires.


7-year standard warranty with labor allowance* (further details

available at

*Warranty Limitations: Product must be rated for the application

per the Product Data Sheet (PDS); operated <16 hrs; in ambient of

-22°F to 104°F


Morlink® Wireless Controls:
Although wireless control has been developed by leaps and bounds, there are still various problems in actual use.Some networks want simple solutions that reduce energy consumption and meet code compliance while others are more ambitious, looking to capitalize on the LED and control savings to fund a scalable, enterprise-grade, internet of things solution. The advantage of the Morlink® wireless platform is that it can be integrated into indoor, outdoor, and high-bay environments. Morlink® wireless control provides the infrastructure to make your building face the future,easily upgrade to a networked solution, and provide the ability to integrate into an IoT solution suitable for yourbusiness.
• Morlink® Lite: Local area wireless controls
• Morlink® Home: Wireless lighting controls based on smart home
• Morlink® Pro: Networked Lighting Controls for Smart Building & IoT Enablement.


For intelligent control products, Moshida provides two solutions:
1. Purchase a Morlink controller to transform your existing product

2. You can also directly purchase the whole lamp integrated with Morlink® wireless controller. Since the sensor  has been embedded in the lamp, the labor cost for installation can be greatly reduced.

Main Functions of Morlink Commercial Lighting Solution:

ufo highbay Commercial Lighting Solution
UFO highbay withsensor

Energy Management
• Create actions and scenes that can be automatically executed to implement energy-saving strategies.
• Link single devices or group actions with sensors, schedules, sunrise and sunset times, weather conditions, etc.
• View, compare and analyze the power consumption of devices and groups by day, month or year.

Device Control

• View and control devices from a map of the lighting layout.
 Monitor device conditions including, status, operation time, energy consumption and life expectancy.

• Automatic alarms when devices change to “abnormal status” and notification to maintenance team.

Human Centric Lighting
• Easily configure groups of light fixtures to sync with circadian rhythm protocols. The system will automaticallyadjust the CCT and brightness of the fixtures throughout the day.

ACCESSORIES (For APP Smart Fixture):

Motion sensor Bluetooth Microwave motion sensor LED UFO highbay motion sensor


1. How can smart lamps save money?

A:*. Smart bulbs are usually LED lamps, which are approximately 75% more efficient than incandescent lamps. If you haven’t upgraded to LED lights, just screw in the new bulb and you will see the savings.
*. When there is no one in the room, use the motion sensor to turn off the smart light switch and bulb.
*. When people are away or not, you can use the geolocation on the phone to turn off the lights. The lights are turned on and off according to the schedule.

2.Can smart lamps provide security in usage scenarios?
A: The answer is no doubt. Use motion sensors and contraction sensors to automate your lights, so you don’t need to look around for switches in the dark.

3.What are the options for smart bulbs?
A: Smart bulbs are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether it is your home or other commercial places, almost all types of light bulbs can be replaced with smart light bulbs.

4.Can smart lamps be dimmed?
A: You can set different lighting scenes according to your different usage needs. For example, you can adjust the color of the light according to the morning and evening of the time or the change of the season.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply to you as soon as possible.