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Mar 09 , 2021

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Parking Garage Lighting Usually Has The Following Problems

Garage Parking lot design solution

The average illuminance is low, and the light is often yellow, which can cast shadows, resulting in a dark effect of the entire structure. Dim light or shadows may prevent pedestrians from being detected by drivers.
The age of the user was not considered when designing the lighting, and the color between the sidewalk and the obstacle surface was relatively similar, resulting in low contrast and weakened visual visibility.
Insufficient horizontal and vertical illuminance. In particular, the lack of vertical illuminance and the low color rendering index make it impossible to perform better facial recognition, which is an important reason for crimes or infringements in parking garages.

Since the ceiling installation height limit is very low, the control of glare is not considered, which is also an important cause of traffic accidents in the product garage.

For some traditional lighting products, due to their relatively short lifespan, especially after the rated life is exceeded, the phenomenon of light output, color shift, luminous efficiency reduction, and other possible electrical failures will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the lamps before the end of the rated life, but this will directly lead to an increase in maintenance costs, and it will not achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.


You Have A Better Choice

Enhancing sustainability and safety through lighting control and smart technology

Smart Energy Saving Health Light design

Reduce energy consumption

To help achieve the sustainability goals of the Green Energy Program, LED garage lights with motion control and daylight detection sensors can be selected.

Specifically, if the lights need to be turned on 24 hours a day, but when no one is using the area within the set time, their lights will automatically dim to 10%. Once motion is detected, the light must automatically increase back to 100%.

At the same time, it is recommended to implement "daylight harvesting" in the area closest to its parking lot. When the ambient daylight becomes brighter, this function will automatically dim the lights closest to those areas.

Brightness Parking lot solution

Enhancing Customer Safety

An important concern for customer safety parking garage lighting. In order to achieve this goal, the lights above the car charging station are required to remain on 24 hours a day and set to 100%.


LED parking garage lamps with wireless controls

The IP65 canopy and linear fixtures adopt first-class, high-brightness, edge lighting LED technology. It can complement any building environment and provide energy-saving, uniform lighting effects to improve visibility and safety.

Eye-catching fixtures provide visual comfort with minimal glare. It is very suitable for parking lots, and can provide 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperature according to ANSI C78.377.

Smart Light design for Car Park

Product Recommendation

Smart Vapor/Tri-proof Tight Light Smart Canopy Light

Application Smart Light Control By Phone

Morstar intelligent parking garage system uses the latest Bluetooth self-organizing network technology and simple and reliable configuration applications to program and manage all trips in multiple parking lots through mobile devices.


Motion detection can adjust the light according to the occupancy in a given area

When there is daylight, daylight will dim the light

According to the time of day, the preset light level changes

Dimming control

Energy monitoring can identify power usage information to promote savings and cost savings


By installing LED parking garage fixtures and wireless control systems, the customer has obtained  an advanced, energy-saving, glare-free LED lighting solution that meets the stringent requirements of its green energy initiative.

The solution includes collecting daylight around parking lots where there is outdoor ambient light, and sensors that dim the light to 10% when no one is in use for more than a set time.

All of these have improved the sustainability of multiple parking lots, higher efficiency and higher safety.

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