How Does The Learning Environment Affect The Lighting Design Of Educational Facilities?

Nov 30 , 2020

Lighting design issues in learning environments are dependent on the education level, whether the space is a single or multiuse space, and the locations of tasks.

Below is a summary of the IES School and College Lighting Committee about 3 factors that influence the lighting design of educational facilities in the learning environment.

1.Education Level Education facilities range from primary to middle to high schools to universities and colleges. When determining lighting needs, it is important to consider the specific type of facility and the visual tasks associated with each educational level.

2.Multi-use Spaces Many classrooms host multiple academic subjects where the visual tasks are largely unknown, and even the student popula- tion cannot be determined in advance. Schools are often used for evening adult education and many col- leges offer specialized summer programs involving participants with widely different visual abilities. Even within dedicated educational spaces such as gyms, industrial shops, lecture halls, libraries, and com- puter labs, the range of visual tasks that students and teachers have to cope with may be extensive.

3.Visual Comfort Because long periods may be spent in the learning environment, it is important that the surroundings provide visually comfortable conditions. Generally, this means avoiding exces- sive luminances and high contrasts that can either be visually fatiguing or uncomfortable sources of glare. This becomes particularly important for fields of view where there are sustained visual tasks.

Figure 1 :Light shelves deliver daylight into interior spaces while minimizing direct solar penetration.(Figure courtesy of Timothy Hursley)

This article is quoted from The Educational Facilities Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

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