Groove LED strip light with Bluetooth

USB 5V outdoor LED Light rope kit is your all-in-one portable lighting and chargingkit.With the included ties,magnets,and loop,Nylon bag,this noodlelight rope can be attached to basically anything light up any situation.

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Product Name:Groove LED strip light with Bluetooth

The difference between regular board and UL circuit board

1. 14W shell high-end outdoor linear light with UL board adopts double-sided single-sided covering film, the surface covering film is commonly used, and the other is double-sided ink.

The double-sided cover film has good bending resistance, the thickness and surface of the sheet are better than the single-sided cover film, and the appearance is better.

2. Indoor RGB LED strip light with UL board adopts double-sided 35mil copper thickness, and the regular board adopts double-sided 25mil copper thickness.

35mil copper thickness has good heat dissipation performance, pressure drop, PCB thickness, and good heat dissipation.

Morstar is a trusted,global company with a keen insight into the market. We konw lighting and provide products with excellent quality, reliability and functionality.

Features of Outdoor creative RGB LED strip light

-Power saving, low voltage, high lumen efficiency, and good heat dissipation.

-High brightness, stable work, energy saving

-USB type LED strip with controller, can control rgb color,Monochrome, flickering, discoloration and other effects

-Every three LEDs are a working group, with large amount of light and rich colors.

-Used for narrow spacing lighting.

-No bright spots, no shadows, soft light.

-The maximum beam angle can reach 180°

-Size: 500×8mm

-Antistatic grade (MIL-STD-883E): HBM 2 (2000~4000V)

-The installation method of flexible light strips does not contain harmful substances and complies with RoHS environmental protection standards

 Specifiction of Portable USB 5V Outdoor LED Strip light

Electricity Parameter Lamp Specs Product Image
Input Voltage DC12V Overall Dimension 1000*10mm Indoor ceiling creative RGB LED strip light
Input Current 1A IP Grade IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Power Consumption 12W Working Temperature - 10 ~ + 80 ° C
 LED Strip Length 1m Storage Temperature - 40 ~ + 80 ° C
Ray Parameter Working Life-span 50000 hours
LED Type SMD5630(55-60LM) Certificate CE,RoHS,FCC
LED Quantity 60pcs Product size chart
LED Company
Wholesale waterproof energy-savingstrip light
Bright LED decorative strip lights at night
Cut/mm (LED/MM) 3/50 
Color Temperature 3000K/4000K/6000K
Color Rendering Index 80
Luminous 1680LM
Luminous Efficiency 100Lm/W
Luminous Anlge 120°

Reel 7"*10mm carton 505*240*265mm
PE bag 215*235*0.12mm total weight

Installation process of Customizable flexible outdoor linear light

1. Before installing the product on the surface, make sure that the installation surface is clean

2. The installation method for products with 3M double-sided tape is as follows, if you need a buckle, please purchase separately

1.) Take out the flexible light strip from the reel

2.) Uncover the release paper of the flexible lamp with double-sided adhesive tape

3.) Speaking that the product is closely attached to the installation surface in turn, with 2 buckles for 1cm

3. The installation method for the flexible light strip products that need to use the attached installation buckle is as follows

1.) Take out the flexible light strip from the reel, take out the installation buckle

2.) Attach the light strips to the mounting surface one by one and snap the buckles, and the user can use M3.6 to fix them.

4. After installing the light strip on the installation surface, connect the power supply wire of this product to the output terminal of the constant current driver, and do proper insulation treatment. Pay attention to the polarity of the wire. In general, the red wire is connected to the positive electrode, and the black wire is connected to the negative electrode.

5. After the product connection line is installed, connect the constant current driver to the mains to supply power to the driver

Applicable scene of 14W long LED strip light

1.Decorative lighting

2.indicating signs

3.advertising signs


LED decorative strip lights highlightBeautiful-looking high-end indoor linear light

USB 5V electric smart led strip lightCustomizable flexible outdoor linear light

Precautions for the use of color changing LED strip light

1.Pay attention to the protection of the LED strip to avoid contact with sharp and hard objects in the light-emitting area.

 2. Please solder within 24H after unpacking to avoid oxidation of the solder joints and affect the welding effect. Please vacuum seal the unused product in time after unpacking. 

3. Avoid the strip The light-emitting area is in direct contact with high-temperature objects, and the instantaneous contact temperature on the surface of the light-emitting area should be less than 210°C. 

4. The soldering iron temperature should be less than 300° during soldering, and the single connection time of a single pad should be controlled within 3s , The maximum twist angle of a single light strip (0.5 m) is 720°


1. What`s the warranty of the lamp?

- For UL/DLC items we provide 5 years warrantly, others are 2 years warrantly.

2. What about the lead time?

--Samples can be delivered in about 1 week, and bulk orders will take about 2 to 3 weeks.

3. What about the quality?

①Select high quality materials.

② 48 hours aging test to end defective products.

③Quality control testing before shipping.

④ Good package to insure safety.

4. Where are your main markets?

- North American and Latin American.

5. Can you design new model?

- Yes, we can open new mould according to your drawings and produce.

6. What is the effect of your germicidal lamp

-Tests have shown that the effective elimination rate of E. coli reaches 99.9%

7.How to proceed an order for led light?

①let us know your requirements or application;

②We quote to you and confirm specification with you;

③Customer confirm sample and place payment for formal order;

④We arrange to produce goods and shipment. 

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