Full Spectrum LED Quantum Panel Grow Light

They are popular design quantum panel grow light product code are MA-HGR501B -110W. It is simple structure design and excellent products performance for plants grow up very well. Application: Indoor plants factory, enclosed space, indoor garden, indoor planting base, any plant and indoor plants.

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    MA-HGR501B- 110W
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    TT or L/C
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    FuJian, China
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Display of full spectrum plant grow Light 110W

Full Spectrum LED Quantum Panel Grow Light Good For Any Plants

This is full spectrum LED grow light ideas for suitabe any plants, which purchase one are suitable for all the growth stages. Photosynthetic rate and transpira on rate are directly affected by temperature, humidity and airflow. So,full spectrum grow light improving any plants and help saving more money for purchase different plants in different stages. 

For Humidity between 75-85, humidity is between 50% and 70%, there is plenty of air flow replenish carbon dioxide.Is6-6.5 PH value. You can add more calcium and magnesium than you normally need. Therefore, LED grow light are plants friendly.

The simple structure LED grow light, which easy carry and transportation. It is avoid to product hanger broken that due to product are too heavy. 

Product Features of 110W Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light

LED Grow lights for sale

* For IP65 waterproof, LED grow light using glue process in surface.

* No exposed wiring design make grow light look more smoothly.

* High quality chips make grow light long expand life.

* Unique design that using 3MM PCB Board for great heat dissipation

* No Fan, Zero noise are one of very important factors in indoor environments.

Product Functions

The Full spectrum grow light are 3 Function:

* High-efficiency grow light chips

* Dimming are adjustable grow light more humanize design

* Reliable Driver make grow light more reliable.

Product parameters

Module MA-HGR501B- 110W
MA-HGR502B- 220W
MA-HGR503B- 325W
MA-HGR504B- 440W
MA-HGR505B- 660W
110 ±5% W
220 ±5% W
325 ±5% W
440 ±5% W
660 ±5% W
270 µmol/s
573 µmol/s
843 µmol/s
1164 µmol/s
1750 µmol/s
2.7 µ mol/J
2.7 µ mol/J
2.7 µ mol/J
2.7 µ mol/J
2.7 µ mol/J
Input Voltage
100-277 VAC
100-277 VAC
100-277 VAC
100-277 VAC
100-277 VAC
Beam Angle
120 °
120 °
120 °
120 °
120 °
IP Grade
Power Factor
≥ 0.98
≥ 0.98
≥ 0.98
≥ 0.98
≥ 0.98
Heat Sink
Life time

Suitable stages

LED Grow light using every stage plants
IP65 LED Grow light waterproof

Application of Light Weight and Compact Household Plant Growth Supplement Light

-Grow tent

-Industry hemp growth


-Marijuana Cannabis lighting

-Horticulture lighting

-Indoor planting growth

-Hydroponic cultivation

-Farming plants research

application of full spectrum panel light
seeding plant grow light 110W


1. Can any LED light be used as a grow light?
Regular LED lights can't be used as grow lights, they don't emit enough of the light that plants require.
2. What Color Light is Best for Plant Growth?
●Violet-blue light in the 400-520 nanometer range
●Red light in the 610- 720 spectrum range
3. How do you use LED lights for indoor plants?
LED grows lights should be placed from 14 to 30 inches above the plants.
4. What LED lights are best for growing?
Full-spectrum white LED lights produce all the hues necessary for every stage of the growing.
5. How do I choose the best LED grow light?
●. Know the surface area.
●. Find Durable LEDs.
●. Consider the PAR.
●. Ensure it has a proper cooling system.
●. Don't be Cheap.

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