640W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Morstar's LED Grow Light series are full spectrum 300-800NM grow lamp fixtures with IP65 waterproof with 120° beam angle. Provides a very large illuminated area for a large number of plants.

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640W  Indoor high-efficiency LED plant growth light is a special light with a specific spectrum wavelength designed to replace sunlight with light emitted by LED light-emitting elements, specifically to promote photosynthesis of plants and create a light environment suitable for plant growth and development. The fixtures can be used in many applications such as grow tent, Industry hemp growth, Greenhouse, Marijuana Cannabis lighting, Indoor planting growth and so on.


Actual power

640W ±10% (8PCS Bar Lights)



Full spectrum




Beam angle




Life time

50,000 hours



Sosen UL Listed

LED chips

3000k,  500k,  660nm,  730nm







Product size



Folding Type.  Full Spectrum


112.5*80.7*13cm    18kg/pcs





UVB ultraviolet light which is harmful for the plants and cause the colors to fade.


Range  of ultraviolet light which not harmful for the plants growth.


Visible light spectrum which helps plants on processing chlorophyll  absorption.

Including violet,blue,green,bands,peak absorption by chlorophll,big influence on photosynthesis--vegetative growth.


This includes green,yellow,and orange bands,they are absorbed by plants.

610-720NM Red band, large amout of absorption by chlorophyll occurs,strong influence on photosynthesis--Flowering & Budding

Small amount  of the spectrum could be absorbed for plants need to enhance cell growth.

Illuminateion & Height


PPFD-I8 Folding Grow Light-640W





Q1. How long should plants be under a grow light?

A: Plants do require a daily respiration period of at least 6hous per day (or seeding) and  ideally 8-10 hours for more mature plants. Therefore we do not recommend d providing more than 14-16 hours per day of light,even if you are growing long-day-  loving varieties and trying to induce flowering/fruit from them.

Q2.Do grow lights use a lot of electricity?

A: It actually depends on the size of your grow space. As a rule of thumb, you will need 30 to 40 watts per square foot. That is, if you have only one plant, you will need only 30 to 40 watts of power.

Q3.Will grow lights burn plants?

A: Light, even intense light, probably won't burn your plants. If a plant is getting too much light, it can challenge your crops and be counterproductive, but it won't actually cause burning.

Q4. How do you use LED lights for indoor plants?

A: LED grows lights should be placed from 14 to 30 inches above the plants. One of the biggest advantages of using LEDs is that they put off so itte heat. So, you can place them close to your plants without worrying about burning them.

Q5. What LED lights are best for growing?

A: Light Spectrum. Some LED lights can reproduce only certain color frequencies, while fl-spectrum white LED lights produce all the hues necessary for every stage of the growing process Blue  light helps plants grow in the earliest stages of their lives. 

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