150W Indoor UV-C Purification Light

This 150W indoor UV-C disinfection light adopts four sides of the upper room radiation light design, improving the purification range and efficiency. Four sides of the light belongs to the upper room radiation layer, only in the installed 2.1m high position UV-C ultraviolet radiation. In this way, man-machine coexistence is achieved, so that the upper space is purified while commercial activities continue below.

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appearance 150W UVC disinfection light

Built-in PIR module on four sides, the organism exceeds the ultraviolet radiation area. Upper room radiation UVC light will stop working, avoid UV-C exposure to hurt people, improve safety performance. Four sides fan outlet design can quickly form air convection through the fan, accelerate the indoor air circulation, increase the killing rate per unit time. Environmental protection - shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7nm, no ozone emissions during or after use.

This UV-C lamp with remote control has LCD screen display to show the current working state, and infrared remote control is used to adjusting the function, which is more convenient to use. Open type design can use available tools to open the grid to replace the UV-C tube. It can be ceiling mounted or pendant, widely used in offices, medical clinics, retail, food stores, hotels, schools, banks, toilets and other public places.


Rated Power

Working Voltage

Wave Length

Radiation Intensity


Tube Type

Working Temp.

Product Size

Remote Control

Protection  Grade

Infrared Sensing Range

UVC 150W














dimension of 150W indoor UVC disinfection light


01 UV-C safety protection

the feature of 150W UVC disinfection light

02 Air circulation system

the feature of 150W UVC disinfection light

03 Environmental health

150W UVC disinfection light

04 LCD display, remote control

UVC Bacterias killer light remote control

05 Easy to replace UV-C tube

UVC light easy clear


Ceiling Mounting UVC light

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